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YELL FIRE! is a spark which will soon grow into a raging inferno. Though in it’s infancy, the story of it’s creation actually started 13 years ago…

Moving to Los Angeles in the mid 90s to pursue a career in music, 19 year old guitarist Todd Andrew was not prepared for the battle that was ahead. The music scene was nothing like he had hoped it would be. Instead of finding mobs of concert-goers crowding the streets of the Sunset strip, all he found were empty clubs full of washed up 80s rehash rock bands. Music was in a strange place in 1996, grunge was played out, nothing new or exciting was happening. He questioned his path in life..

Instead of making excuses, he went forward and joined a band called Electrico (aka Sik), and played the clubs from ’97 to ’99, catching a minor industry buzz. Music didn’t come easy to this band though, songs often took months to write. The band eventually split in ’03 due to creative differences. As Todd left the final rehearsal he questioned once again if there was any life in music…

Todd decided to do the vocals himself, and spent the next 6 years perfecting his craft and making demos. “When I work on something, i pretend that I’m on a desert island, and that nobody is going to hear the finished song. I just make music that I think is cool, stuff that I would listen to… the issue of what the music industry will think never enters my mind”

“The whole purpose of YELL FIRE! is simply creative expression. I’m not trying to be commercial, I’m not trying to be un-commercial… I just want to make the songs that I’ve always wanted to hear. I make music strictly to please myself…. but if I’m feeling a song, chances are somebody else is going to as well”

After teaming up with an insanely talented drummer and bassist, (Michael Thomas and Michael Roberts), the band is currently gigging in support of their first independent release, ‘That Sound’ (available on iTunes) . The response has been quite optimistic. “So far I’ve gotten better feedback from this band than anything I’ve ever done”



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